What is SumiePrint?

SumiePrint 墨刷写真

SumiePrint is the highest quality of digital printing specifically for black and white photographs.

Photographer Satoki Nagata has been making his own black and white digital prints for years and developed a distinct printing method. Using pure carbon monochrome shaded inks on selected fine art paper, the final output is noticeably different from regular printing. Nagata decided to offer printing services for other photographers who would like to have high quality black and white prints.

There is a traditional type of painting called "Sumi-e 墨絵" (ink wash painting) in Asia. In some ways, Nagata considers the SumiePrint 墨刷写真 to be the modern version of "Sumi-e".


Multi-shaded 100% carbon monochrome ink
Museum/limited edition quality
Quality of fine art matte paper
Higher stability than traditional gelatin silver printing


As photography is evolving in this digital age, the print process is also evolving. We can now make the quality of prints much higher than before and enjoy the art of photography in a variety of levels. SumiePrint offers high quality printing of black and white photographs. For the SumiePrint process, an average of 5 test prints are used to individually adjust for the final output of each print.