Concerning about sending image files

For printing service, you will need to send a high quality image file. We are very well aware that photographers have concerns about sending high quality files to others.

The following is the process of file treatment security

1) Files will be sent with password protection using our Wetransfer plus account. Files on Wetransfer server will be erased 10 days after shipping prints to you.

2) Files are stored in encrypted separate external hard drive which can be accessed only from a local computer by limited members of our staff. We will complete unrecovebable deletion of the original file using OS X secure empty function 10 days after shipping prints to you. The processed file will be erased 30 days after shipping prints to you. Free space of the hard drive will be overwritten 7 times regularly once a week.

3) Regarding the optional service for advanced adjustment, the processed files will be sent back to you with password protection through our Wetransfer plus account. Password is randomly produced in each transfer. Please note that processed files should be saved with backup. If the processed file is lost, it is impossible to make the same print in the future.

SumiePrint can keep your processed files upon request. We will keep your files on Wetransfer for one year with fee of $1.90/year/up to 20 image files.