Print service

We offer printing services for people who would like to order a SumiePrint of their own digital photograph. SumiePrints are available in three standard sizes.


6.6 in x 9.9 in
Fits well in a 10"  x 14" in frame with matte          $19.90

 9 in x 13.5 in
Fits well in a 14" x 18" frame with matte               $29.90

11.6 in x 17.5 in
Fits well in a 18" x 24" frame with matte               $39.90


Prices include standard image adjustment for the SumiePrint.

When ordering multiple prints of one digital image, a 30% discount is applied to each additional print after the first one.

Optional service
Image processing and adjustment optimized to SumiePrint

Option includes detailed adjustment tailored for each image

Custom printing

In addition to standard sizes, other sizes are available as well. Please email


Sample print